A curfew may be coming into effect in an effort to curb the number of gatherings occurring in Manitoba.

Premier Brian Pallister says the province will be stepping up COVID-19 regulation enforcement as early as this week.

Last month, the province announced that multiple bylaw officers could enforce restrictions and the fine amount would be increasing. For individuals, the fine for disobeying COVID-19 regulations is $1,296. Businesses can be fined $5,000.

Pallister says "COVID is beating us" and Manitobans need to protect each other. 

Currently in Winnipeg gathering sizes are limited to five people or less. Pallister says Manitobans must not gather in larger groups.

The province is looking to increase COVID-19 enforcement, as current enforcement is not keeping up to the need. Three tickets were issued last week. Pallister says this was not enough.

"Later this week I will be announcing stepped up enforcement details where we are going to be targeting events such as the one I just described as others because we need to do more." 

Pallister also says they are thinking about implementing a curfew.

The Premier is asking Manitobans to visit the province's website to share their opinion on the possible curfew.

"Most people in Manitoba, 99 per cent I will say, have been behaving responsibly," Pallister says. 

The premier says a small minority of Manitobans are not following the regulations. Pallister says there was an instance over the weekend of a large gathering in the southern part of Winnipeg being promoted to other people over social media. 

"That is totally unacceptable," Pallister says.