The government of Canada is listening to Canadians who have expressed concerns about seeking Medical assistance in dying before they would have preferred.

The government is concerned with a rule asking patients to give their final concent. If a patient is unable to give consent, they cannot have the procedure. The governemnt became aware that people may be asking for (MAID) earlier than the patient would have normally wanted to because of this rule.

Canadians are being asked to share their opinions on the eligibility process for Medical assistance in dying (MAID) with an online questionnaire to help the government understand how the country feels about the process.

The government is asking the public several questions about the current practices and precautions associated with MAID. The questionnaire asks Canadians their opinion on the current safeguards in place, the training needed for medical practitioners, how consent is given, and the person's ability to give consent. 

Canadians can share their opinion on current MAID procedures until January 27. The questionnaire is receiving a larger amount of attention than the government expected. The website warns there are "intermittent technical issues" due to higher levels of participation than expected. The government is offering a mail-in version of the questionnaire in case of technical issues.

Currently, the Canadian government allows citizens to seek Medical Assistance in dying. To be eligible for the procedure, the patient must be 18 or older, have the ability to make medical decisions for themselves, and be experiencing a "grievous and irremediable medical condition." A patient does not need to be dying from their illness to be eligible.