Life can be stressful enough, so it is essential we try not to add anger to the mix.

Pastor Jameliah Young suggests that there are many positive ways to temper our emotions and "quiet the anger" this new year. She takes on anger and so much more in her new book, The Death of the Angry Black Woman.

"I wrote this book for all the women out there who are dealing with anger that they have yet to find the source of,” said Young-Mitchell. "Many women in the black community come from backgrounds of abuse, mistreatment, violence––and they become fighters. Through my book I hope to be that voice in their head, the one we all hear but rarely acknowledge, encouraging them to move on, let go of anger, reject hateful labels, embrace their powerful femininity, and live the life God intended them to live.” 

Pastor Jameliah the daughter of the late Evangelist Violetta B. Young and Pastor James I. Young, and grew up in Brooklyn, NY, as the youngest of four kids. At the age of nine her mother predicted she would carry the gospel, and at the age of 13 she delivered her first sermon. From there she began to speak at local churches in New Jersey and has since preached across the United States and internationally. She is now the Pastor of Unity Church Charlotte and a keynote speaker for women's empowerment, teen and youth mentoring. She is also the voice behind the Car Chronicles Movement where she can be seen live on Facebook Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m. Young-Mitchell is the proud mother of a son and daughter and resides in Charlotte, NC.

The Death of the Angry Black Woman is available at,, or wherever books are sold.