The past couple of years have been difficult for those working in the music industry.

GMA Canada, whose mission is to celebrate and encourage excellence in Canadian Christian music and arts, has found a way to gather the Canadian Christian music community in one place.

Jaylene Johnson is a singer and songwriter. She is also the vice president of the advisory board for GMA Canada. She says they've started up virtual gatherings that will take place once a month.

"We're inviting artists from coast to coast to come together. We have a mentor, or a more seasoned artist every time that will share a little bit about themselves but also share a challenge with us," Johnson explains. "The idea is to spend some time in breakout rooms and connect."

Jaylene says even before the pandemic started, Canada's vast geography left many artists feeling isolated and disconnected. She hopes that these new virtual gatherings will allow the Canadian Christian music community to grow and become stronger.

"The chance to come together in break-out rooms and have smaller group discussions and be face to face and get to know one another names, this is an opportunity that we didn't have previously," said Johnson. "We had big events like the Covenant awards, but it can be difficult to find your way in a larger crowd." 

By hosting these gatherings, the hope is that when the Canadian Christian music community can gather in person, that they will know each other differently.

GMA Canada is open to any Christian musicians, songwriters, promoters or management associated with the Christian music industry in Canada.