The crest on the Red River is passing through Winnipeg today although the operation of the Red River Floodway will keep water levels relatively stable.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) says Flood warnings continue for a few locations along the Red River; St. Jean to Morris, in the vicinity of St. Adolphe, Selkirk and locations downstream due to ice jamming. A flood watch remains for all other areas on the Red River from Emerson to the Red River Floodway. There is a risk of moderate flooding in these areas.

Flood forecasters are monitoring a significant precipitation system forecasted to affect central and southern Manitoba and the United States portions of Manitoba basins between Tuesday, April 12 and Friday, April 15.

The system is expected to bring 30 to 60 cm of snow to Manitoba and potentially more precipitation in the United States portions of the basins, although further south some may fall as rain instead of snow. The system is also expected to bring high winds, up to 80 km/hr, and colder temperatures that will slow melting until approximately April 20.

There are a number of provincial roads being affected by high water levels, often due to ice jams or blockages in drains. Click here to find road conditions.

Water levels on the Red River in Manitoba, upstream of Winnipeg are dropping but remain above channel capacities from St. Jean to Morris, near St. Adolphe. The river level downstream of PR204 at Selkirk is also above channel capacity due to ice jamming.

Pumping operations are underway at Emerson, St. Jean, Morris, St. Adolphe, Rosenort, Brunkild, and Dominion City.

Water levels on streams and drains in eastern Manitoba are slowly rising as the melt slowly progresses. Forecasters are continuing to monitor conditions and will issue updates as the impact of this week’s precipitation becomes clearer.

River levels since Saturday

The Red River has dropped 10 inches at St. Jean to 771.54 feet and has fallen 10 inches at Morris to 769.11 feet. River levels have dropped 6 inches at Ste. Agathe to 762.70 feet. At St. Adolphe, the Red has dropped by 2.5 inches to 759.09 feet.

The Roseau River fell over 3 inches at Gardenton to 964.15 feet, and has risen 3 inches at Stuartburn to 948.55 feet. River levels climbed close to 10 inches near Dominion City (PR 218) to 797.10 feet.

And the Rat River has gone up 6 inches at Otterburne to 767.50 feet.

The Seine River has fallen nearly 5 inches near Ste. Anne at 835.51 feet.