Spring is on its way. Or, spring-like temperatures at least, and after the last two weeks this news will be welcomed by many.

Chris Sumner, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society accredited weather forecaster, joined us this morning to talk about the cold snap, and how much longer we'll have to deal it.

"The good news is not much longer at all," Sumner said. "Today, Friday, should be the last day that we have to deal with these bitterly cold temperatures and these very, very chilly extreme wind chill values."

The news gets better. "We are expecting a dramatic warm-up to start Saturday and continue through much of next week."

A high pressure system will be to the south of Winnipeg, and its clockwise rotation with it will bring a dramatic warm-up. Combined with the jet stream moving to the north of Winnipeg and southern Manitoba, warm southerly air is expected.

"We can see single digit highs starting on Sunday, and early next week. In fact, we may see above freezing temperatures by mid next week and late next week."

It could be a great chance to shed the layers, and get outside enjoying some time with friends and family.

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