Now you can relive your childhood memories of pinball and arcade games in The Forks Market until the end of March. 

"We are getting a lot of people coming up to us and thanking us for doing this. They have fond memories of playing the old electro-mechanical games from the mid-1970s like our Sure Shot and early 1990s games like The Addams Family, Funhouse and Terminator 2," David Morris of Phantom Amusements said.

The games are extremely popular with a wide range of ages. Morris said that it really depends on who you talk to about which generation of games they remember.

He said that they all are thrilled to have the chance to relive some of those memories and show their children these games too. 

The Manitoba Pinball League is made up of people from their early twenties to those in their sixties. "I'd say the highest percentage of people playing in our league is between 25-40 years old. However, there is a growing trend of people in their early twenties playing and joining as well," Morris said.

"A lot of people don't know that they still make brand new pinball machines today."

Stern Pinball is an arcade gaming company whose current game is a retro theme from the old black and white tv show "The Munsters". 

Morris said that the company makes three tiers of games - Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition with each one going up in price. "We have some of their new games like Iron Man, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and Star Wars just to name a few. Lots of great family-friendly themes for new family memories to be created." 

The pinball machines have been at The Forks since December 29 and will be there until March 31st.