An extra $1.6 billion is being dedicated to Manitoba's education system over the next four years.

Half of Manitoba's total $3 billion budget over the next four years in education is going towards capital projects such as new schools and repairs.

"We are showing Manitobans that we are serious about funding education here in Manitoba. It is certainly reflective of the budget money we are committed to here in Manitoba over the next few years," Education Minister Cliff Cullen says.

The province's plan for the additional $1.6 billion includes:

• $62 million – continuing multi-year projects;
• $77 million – medium and major new schools, additions and major renovations;
• $106.7 million – medium and minor existing infrastructure renewal projects;
• $25.9 million – mechanical;
• $21.6 million – roofing;
• $41.5 million – structural;
• $17.7 million – accessibility upgrades;
• $9.1 million  – science lab upgrades across the province; and
• $5.5 million – modular classroom units to address immediate enrolment demands.

Part of this investment will include the creation of 20 new schools over the next five years. Other plans include updating libraries, outdoor spaces, spaces for arts programming, athletic programming, vocational programming, life skills and community resources. This includes daycare spaces.

"We know parents are asking for these daycare places and obviously funding of staffing will be a priority here for us as well."

cullen 15Education Minister Cliff Cullen says in a Thursday press conference ventilation systems need upgrades. (Screenshot: Government of Manitoba/YouTube)

In the new schools, 1,450 child-care spaces are being added to the approximately 10,900 classroom spots.

Four of the 20 new schools are in the works.

Doubling down on his stance regarding the amalgamation of school divisions, Cullen says $40 million of yearly administrative costs will be used for front-line costs such as hiring more teachers.