Renowned worship leader, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter and producer of hundreds of songs sung globally, Yancy Wideman Richmond can now add author to her list of titles.

Full of prophetic, practical, and power-filled truth, Yancy's new book, Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worshipencompasses her life ministry of leading kids into the presence of Jesus by using examples from the life of King David as well as her personal experiences. 

Yancy says the book was written to help children's ministry leaders in churches create a rhythm of worship. She hopes this book will help empower readers to raise kids who desire to live a life of worship daily, not only on Sundays.  

“I dream that one day every church leader will champion worship to happen in the disciples they are making,” says Yancy. “I want to help kids learn the rhythm of running to the Father in everything they go through. If we can begin teaching them that from the time they are young, and give them practice through repetition over the weeks and years ahead, then we will have a generation of adults who understand the importance of worshiping God. One of the ways we taste and see that He is good is by experiencing His presence. Worship is a gateway to that presence. I want to leave kids wanting more of who He is and longing for time spent in the presence of our loving, heavenly Father.”

In Sweet Sound, Yancy gives readers a clear understanding of why worship for kids matters and what Jesus says about it, noting that each person, no matter what age, was designed to praise and that our worship includes the praises of children, which are powerful, beautiful and sweet.

“Can you imagine children singing out, with their whole hearts, praises to their King?” asks Yancy. “It’s quite possibly the sweetest sounds you will ever hear! It matters,” continues Yancy. “Jesus himself said, ‘From the lips of children and infants, you, Lord, have called forth your praise."

Yancy hopes to open the eyes of leaders to see what worship should be in our churches and how to set healthy spiritual goals while offering practical pro-tips that have been tested and proven to help leaders plan, evaluate and find success at leading worship. Furthermore, the principles in Sweet Sound will show leaders how to cultivate daily disciplines and expressions of worship through power-filled ministry in the church as they raise life-long followers of Jesus.

Today on Connections, Yancy shares the importance of children's ministry and why she is passionate about it.