A new report by Manitoba's acting children's advocate says 19 children at risk for maltreatment died partly due to holes in oversight and lack of support from child welfare.

“All of the children were at risk for maltreatment and their families did not receive the child welfare services to which they were entitled,” Ainsley Krone, acting advocate for children and youth, says in the report released Thursday.

“Each one of these deaths was preventable.”

Krone says 19 children died between 2008 and last year.

Krone says children are still dying of maltreatment similar to that experienced by five-year-old Phoenix Sinclair, who was abused before she was killed by her mother and stepfather in 2005.

Her report says Manitoba has acted on just over half of the 62 recommendations from the inquiry into the girl's death and is not scheduled to complete them until 2028.