Even though Iran is one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a Christian, thousands of Iranians have come to faith in Jesus over the past few months. 

In fact, Christianity is growing faster in Iran than anywhere else in the world, according to Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). 

There is an incredible revival happening in this country of unrest as roughly 3,000 Muslims a month have turned away from their religion and chosen Christianity since the pandemic started back in March.

Mike Ansari runs the most popular Christian satellite channels in Iran called Mohabat TV. He says, "We are calling this a pandemic of hope."

Ansari says the reason thousands of people are choosing Christianity is that, "Since March of this year, most Iranians are practicing social distancing by staying at their home. The government has increased their internet bandwidth to keep them at home. As a result, many young Iranians are going online to research alternatives to what their government offers."

What they have found is hope in Jesus, which is the message Mohabat TV has been sharing.

He also told CBN that the channel is recording ten times more online salvations than last year.

Ansari says, "People in Iran just don't trust their government and are not happy the way their economy is going."

The turn of faith has not come without difficulty as many Christians have been arrested and imprisoned for responding to the gospel message.

"We've seen a major increase in the number of raids on people's homes and house churches. Dozens of Christian converts have been arrested in the last few weeks and charged with acting against national security by promoting Zionist Christianity."

Ansari urges people to pray for the Christian converts, saying, "We are asking the International community to pray for Iran's church, as the church is fighting for its survival."