Riley Clemmons is performing her new single at the "Back to Amy" benefit in honour of Amy Winehouse, with proceeds helping mental health awareness. 

'Headspace' is a single on her latest album, Godsend, released on June 4, 2021. The music video for the single premiered on July 20, just three days before her performance at the benefit. 

"It’s a huge honour to be part of such an incredible event honouring the legacy of an iconic and brilliant artist like Amy," says Clemmons.

"I’m massively grateful to MusiCares for all that they do, not only for the industry but the individuals within the music industry. I’m so inspired and moved by the Amy Winehouse Foundation and their passion towards mental health awareness."

The music video was filmed over the course of only two days in LA. 

"I’m really excited for people to see this video, it’s one of my favourite projects that we’ve been able to do," she says. "This was honestly one of the most incredible creative processes I’ve been a part of. I hope it reminds people the power of where we choose to put our headspace and who we choose to give our headspace to."

Clemmons was named one of People Magazine’s Artists to Watch. She will be touring with Tauren Wells and Andrew Ripp in the fall of 2021.