There has been a hole at Providence University College since their main dormitory burnt to the ground two years ago. Now, the Vice President of Student Life says that the hole is nearly filled. 

Marlin Reimer says progress on the new Living and Learning Centre is on schedule and looks to be completed by December. If that is the case, students will be moving in for their second semester.

With that day fast approaching, Reimer says the anticipation of the space is only growing.

“Students are wondering what the insides are going to look like,” he says. “They’re envisioning where they’re going to be living; where the lounge is going to be; where the community kitchen is going to be; there’s definitely an excitement building about the space.”

The building itself is now fully enclosed, and Reimer says that construction crews are making a big push to finish electrical work and drywalling. Aside from a few setbacks from heavy rainfall, Reimer says the summer has provided the necessary construction conditions to maintain a steady pace.

When finished, Reimer says the space will provide two floors of female student housing, two faculty apartments, and a much-needed common area.

“This building is more than just a building that will house students,” remarks Reimer, “our whole first floor is meant to be a community space. We lost some of that after the Bergen Hall fire so I think everybody is looking forward to being in one place together.”

Reimer says the campus has been functioning fine in the stead of Bergen Hall but will nevertheless be relieved to finally use the new centre.