Dr. Brent Roussin says Manitobans will get back to socializing with others, but for now, need to restrict their social contacts. 

While enforcement may be stepping up in Manitoba, the Chief Public Health Officer says Manitobans need to continue to step up themselves. Both Roussin and Premier Brian Pallister are glad to see the majority of residents following COVID-19 restrictions.

"I know that these numbers and these discussions are scary. But on the other side of that, we know exactly what to do and most of us are already doing that."

The doctor says that while it is too soon to tell if enforcement is making a difference in COVID-19 cases, people should continue to bring how often they leave their homes to the bare minimum. 

"We need the buy-in from Manitobans and that is the most important thing."

Roussin says no one's COVID-19 risk is their own, that one person may not have severe outcomes from the virus but the person they spread it to could.

"No one is immune to this virus. No one is immune to severe outcomes."

He says that it is difficult to make regulations, especially when making them quickly.

"In a crisis like this, in a pandemic, there is not going to be a restriction written down on paper that is going to get us out of this without buy-in from Manitonbas."

The spirit of the orders, according to Roussin, is the most important part.

"We should be staying home as much as we can."

If a Manitoban believes they have contracted COVID-19, Roussin says that they should get tested to give a certain answer and allow for contact tracing. Roussin says the province is nearing the ability to contact trace for 700 people. If a Manitoban does not wish to be tested, they must isolate for at least 10 days.