New comments from Rugby Australia have shed new light on the May firing of Israel Folau.

A question of whether or not bias could be at play in the Rugby Australia (RA) decision to sack rugby star Israel Folau earlier this year has arisen.

New comments from the organization have made a point of noting that even if Folau had "photocopied Bible passages" and posted them to his social media accounts, he would have lost his contract.

As a result of a post he made in May, Folau indeed lost his contract with RA. On his Instagram page, the rugby player posted that "hell awaits" various sinners, including homosexuals, and commanding them to repent of their wrongdoing.

A transcript of Folau's code of conduct meeting back in May was obtained, and reads with Folau's representative asking the organization, "What about when the Bible requires him to tell the good and the bad, that is, that the Bible is the truth and sometimes the truth can be difficult to hear?”

Chief Executive Officer Raelene Castle responded to the question, saying: "The Bible is not the contract that he signed with Rugby Australia."

The transcript continues with the chairman of the hearing asking Castle if Folau had photocopied passages from the Bible and posted those to his social media accounts if that would have brought the same problems forward.

“I think it depends on which ones he – which pages he photocopied,” Castle is noted to have responded.

When pressed further pertaining to the passages Folau referenced in his post, Castle responded that they indeed would have "caused a problem" for her.

Folau is currently engaged in a legal conflict with Rugby Australia, and is fighting his firing which he says was due to religious discrimination.