After spending nearly three decades as the frontman of Third Day, Mac Powell has released his first-ever solo Christian album.

Mac Powell, originally from Alabama, moved to Atlanta, Georgia, as a sophomore in high school where he would soon co-found the Christian rock band, Third Day. Throughout their nearly three-decade career, the band sold over 10 million albums, earned four Grammy Awards, one American Music Award, 24 Dove Awards, and was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Since Third Day’s farewell tour in 2018, Mac released a country album “Back Again” under the banner “Mac Powell & The Family Reunion”, and this fall, he released his debut solo Christian album, New Creation.

"I believe this collection of songs have come from God, and I can't wait to hear the stories of how they connect with and help people through the days we're living in," Powell explained.

The album was slated to be released at the end of 2020, but the pandemic delayed the project until the end of 2021.

"It was really a blessing in disguise," said Powell. "I think it gave me more time to develop the songs I already had. It gave me more time to write more songs, I think, better songs. In fact, the song, New Creation, which is the title cut and my next single, was one of the later songs that was written for the project."

Mac Powell is now out on tour with the Newsboys, Danny Gokey and Adam Agee. Powell's son, Johnny Cash Powell, has also joined the tour and is playing rhythm guitar for Mac.

"I love it. It's a dream come true," said Mac. "All my kids are musicians or love music. I've always thought about having a family band. Slowly, but surely I'm adding one piece at a time."

Today on Connections, Mac Powell shares with us what it was like to see Third Day come to a close. He'll also share a bit about his new album and his current tour with the Newsboys