Manitoba Hydro says a new scam is now making the rounds as people seek to take advantage of a storm that saw 100,000 customers without power at one point.

While some only experienced an outage for a couple hours, tens of thousands were without power for days. Over one week later and there are still 2,000 without power.

Manitoba Hydro says scammers are pouncing on the long outage and taking advantage of people.

In a post online the utility company says that scammers are sending messages to customers saying Manitoba Hydro owes them a refund due to the long outage.

Hydro warns "If you get an unsolicited text saying Manitoba Hydro owes you a refund, it's a scam. Please delete the message and do not click on any included links."

Manitoba Hydro customers pay a monthly service fee that covers maintenance and repairs, and then charges for energy consumed. 

You can report suspected fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.