A group of Winnipeggers are brightening up a corner of Transcona while growing food for charity.

The Transcona Community Garden started as a gardening experiment on a vacant lot owned by a local church.

Eventually Transcona Alliance Church members Glenn and Debbie Johnson started inviting others to grow on the land as well.

Now the gardens have 160 plots growing with some produce set aside for Winnipeg Harvest and Siloam Mission.

Glenn Johnson says some of the produce is also taken to shut-ins in the community and others who cannot garden or shop for themselves.

The garden also serves as scenery for many drivers in Transcona who get stopped at a nearby train - the yard is filled with lifelike scarecrows, built by members of the church.

Debbie says it all started with Lucy, the first scarecrow who was built using a dress form.

From there, she says it grew into an event designing scarecrows for the yard, even holding a mock wedding for two of the inanimate residents.

For more information or to request a plot, visit the Transcona Alliance Church website.