A 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Monday hit the already devastated areas of Turkey and Syria just two weeks after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed thousands. 

As of Tuesday morning, no new deaths have been reported from this second earthquake that hit Turkey's Hatay province. It was followed by a 5.8-magnitude tremor, which caused some buildings to collapse in Syria. 

The initial earthquake that shook the countries on February 6 now has a death toll of almost 45,000 people. 

According to Syrian news stations, electricity and internet services have been interrupted in parts of the region. They also shared that people have fled their homes and coming together in open areas. 

Search and rescue efforts have been called off in most of the quake areas in light of the new earthquake. 

The European Union's health agency is making people aware that the risk of diseases breaking out in this area, especially water and food-born diseases are high due to difficult hygiene conditions in emergencies such as this. 

"We will secure the affected people within our capabilities, but after a while, it is not possible to continue placing families in shelters in order to preserve their health," says Syria's minister of public works and housing, Suhail Abdul Latif. 

He's asking for countries to help with this need as many families are camping out in makeshift tents.