It's filled with the greatest story ever told, but now one special Bible has its own personal story after falling from a vehicle in a busy Winnipeg intersection.

Steve Klassen says he found the Bible in the middle of the intersection of St. Anne's Road near the Superstore in the St. Vital area.

"Praise the Lord, there was no traffic behind me, so I was able to stop and retrieve it," Klassen says. The Bible was sitting in the intersection along with a notebook.

Klassen says it was pretty obvious the Bible had been there for a while, as it had tire tread marks over the cover. He also says it was pretty obvious the Bible was well used as it had many notes and underlines. 

He took to social media in hopes of finding the Bible's owner, and in just 24 hours his post received over 100 shares and he was connected to the owner, a teenage girl whose grandmother had given her the Bible before she returned to Nigeria.

The girl's mother made arrangements to pick up the Bible.

"It was such a cool experience to meet the mother and daughter as they came to my house to pick it up," Klassen says, "and to see the relief on this young girl's face as I handed her back her grandmother's Bible." 

The girl had mistakenly left the Bible on the trunk of her mother's car, and as they turned through the intersection the Bible skidded off.

"I pointed out some of the tire tread marks and half-torn pages, but reassured her that 'Well, at least now your Bible has a story.'"

For Klassen, the immediate response his post received was also "I find it so encouraging to know that I could put something like this on Facebook, and that so many people recognize the value of this book. Believers and otherwise, there was so much concern for this Bible finding its rightful owner."