A teen girl is safe after running home to her mom Monday afternoon after an 84-year-old man attempted to lure her into his white van in East Kildonan.

The Winnipeg Police Service says during the noon hour, a 17-year-old girl was walking to school in an East Kildonan neighbourhood. At around 12:15 p.m, she was approached by a stranger in a white van. 

The elderly man demanded she get into his van, but the teen refused and ran home. She then told her mother. 

Her parents then tracked the vehicle down a short distance away, recording the licence plate number, calling the police with a description.

"The Winnipeg Police Child Investigations Unit encourages all parents to speak with their children and youth about safety in public spaces, such as walking alone to and from school," the WPS says in a statement.

East District General Patrol members found the van parked at the residence of the 84-year-old suspect. The man was found at home and arrested.

The senior is released, by law, on a Release Order. He is facing attempted abduction and criminal harassment charges.

The WPS is encouraging parents to be familiar with ways to protect their children and find support.