Manitobans are speaking out after being denied COVID-19 vaccines at a supersite despite being eligible and booking appointments well in advance.

Misty Sloan took to Twitter Thursday after her 75-year-old mother faced serious issues at both her initial vaccine appointment at the RBC Convention Centre supersite and the makeup appointment.

She says three weeks ago her mother made an appointment for Monday, but when she arrived, there was no dose. They then made her an appointment for Thursday, 11:30 a.m. Thinking her appointment was safe, Sloan's mother booked a dog sitter and drove to her appointment. When she arrived, she was denied.

Dr. Joss Reimer, co-lead of the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force says she has not heard of people being turned away.

"At all of our supersites and most of our popups, all of the bookings occur whether through the website or the phone line. If somebody is booked through those mechanisms, then there always will be a dose available to them when they appear at the site to receive their dose."

A nurse was also denied at the door despite making an appointment and arriving with the confirmation. The centre told them they had missed their appointment date despite the appointment confirmation confirming the nurse had shown up at the correct time and date. This nurse was eventually vaccinated.

Reimer says if an appointment is made it will show up in the system and is honoured.

"I have not heard of any reports of this happening where they make an appointment through the website or call centre and then not have it there when they arrive."

Reimer says she has not heard of people coming to the vaccine clinics without an appointment.