Many areas in the province are under severe thunderstorm watches.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

The R.M of Piney including Sprague is currently under a severe thunderstorm warning. This thunderstorm is capable of producing very strong wind gusts, up to nickel size hail and heavy rain.


Severe Thunderstorm Watch

R.M. of East St. Paul, R.M. of Springfield, the Whiteshell area, as well as in the Morden and Winkler areas are currently under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. 

Environment Canada warns that these storms have the potential to produce hail to the size of golf balls and wind gusts in excess of 100 km/h.

They warn that due to yesterday's weather, roads may still have build-ups of water on them that could lead to flooding, roads becoming washed out, or sinkholes. If driving or walking, Environment Canada asks residents to avoid water-filled roads.

Environment Canada expects these storms to last until late this evening.

Current watches

Areas in red are currently under a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning. Areas in yellow are currently under a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch. This map is automatically updated with the latest information from Environment Canada. Refresh the page for the latest information.




Environment Canda says those wishing to report severe weather can do so by using #MBStorm on Twitter or by email when it is safe to do so.

Those wishing to learn more about what sever weather could look like can visit the Government of Canada's website.