Fear can cripple our futures. And Migdalia Smith had a lot to be fearful of. As a survivor of abuse and sex trafficking, she wants other victims to know that they are not alone.

“I want sex-trafficking victims all around the world to know that God is real, and He is the ultimate rescuer,” said Smith. “I am determined to prevent sex trafficking through awareness from experience. 

Migdalia Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised with three other siblings in a single-parent home. Her mother eventually relocated the family to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After tumultuous times that involved sex trafficking, stripping, drug use and abuse, Migdalia was introduced to the salvation of Jesus Christ. 

"I was invited to church by a friend and when I arrived and the doors opened, I felt a love that I was always looking for," explained Smith." I could literally feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders. My whole body got weak and I almost fell."

"After it was over, I felt so good in my soul and then it was a process after that."

Migdalia is now a business owner, minister and the author of a new book, In the Case When God’s Promise of Safety Seems to Fail.

Inspired by actual events, the book introduces readers to the life of Maria Sanchez, a mother of two, who finally manages to free herself from one toxic relationship only to fall into another. Because of her past, it is hard for Maria to differentiate between the good and the worst.

The book takes readers on a roller-coaster journey through life, as she experiences the drama, depression and deception at the hands of others while rediscovering herself. 

Today on Connections, Migdalia shares her amazing story of transformation and the inspiration behind her book.