Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman, died Wednesday morning after being in a medically-induced coma.

Joanne Hoehne, a pastor of The Source Church, says in a Facebook post, "She was holding onto Jesus and fighting with every ounce of her being," before she had been put into a coma.

Chapman announced in 2017 that she was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer.

Chapman and Hoehne had met four years ago at a mutual friend's dinner party. Hoehne says, "We sat beside each other and just connected.

"A year later, she [Chapman] called and asked if they could come to our church and that started a great friendship. They've been at the church three times, and we've been able to connect many other times in between."

Chapman - of the Dog The Bounty Hunter fame - along with her husband Duane Dog Chapman has always been vocal about her strong faith in Jesus.

"She truly loved Jesus and that was just the core of who she was."

Hoehne says of the Chapman's faith, "She wanted people to understand that God loved them. Its why they did what they did.

"Even in their business, they took a lot of chances bringing their faith into their bounty hunting, but they knew it had to happen because people needed Jesus and they needed God's love."

Chapman spoke at Hoehne's church on Mother's Day of 2019. "She had really wanted a chance to share a mother's heart just in case she didn't make it see another Mother's Day," says Hoehne.

"She just shared her heart, her journey as a mom, and her journey to share a God and create a foundation of faith within her family and how important that was. Just a story of grace and redemption, even when you've messed up."

Hoehne says Chapman was the centre of her family and of her husband's world. "Be praying for peace and strength for them. Just to find a new normal in the days ahead."