"If we ever needed any more proof of God's faithfulness, this is it," says Christian band CAIN after hearing that they made the top ten on radio play for 'Rise Up (Lazarus)'.

The band made up of three siblings, their last name the title of the band, only put out their first Christian EP earlier this year. However, as of now, CAIN is No. 9 on Billboard's Airplay Chart.

"I was completely overwhelmed by what God is doing in our lives. A dream that started a year prior culminating in a moment, surrounded by my family and our team looking at that sunset, I'll never forget that day," says Logan Cain, the brother, to New Release Today.

Their song that has risen up, despite COVID-19, has a new music video to go along with it, as of October 2, 2020.

The video was shot in California at Joshua Tree National Park, which was a dream come true for the three. 

"Until now, our video 'team' consisted of a camera on a tripod, Taylor holding two lamps for lighting, and Logan in some sort of costume. To get to work with a phenomenal director and crew was absolutely surreal," says Madison Cain Johnson.

The two sisters are Taylor Cain Matz and Madison. Collectively the siblings have been singing and harmonizing since they were children. 

"At the start of the year, we had big plans to promote 'Rise Up (Lazarus),' but COVID-19 cancelled every single one of them," says Taylor. "He still had a plan when all of ours failed."

The group is set to join Zach Williams on his spring Rescue Story tour in 2021.