A band member in Sidewalk Prophets just received the best birthday gifts. 

"After 12 years of trying to get pregnant, my wife Carie and I are expecting our first baby!" says Ben McDonald on Facebook. He plays guitar in the Christian band Sidewalk Prophets, originally co-founding it with lead singer David Frey. 

There are many couples who unfortunately deal with infertility issues, and McDonald addresses them with empathy having walked the road himself. 

"To those of you who are walking through a season of infertility, we feel your pain, and we share in the grief. We also pray that you will get to experience the joy of seeing that longing come to fruition."

Sidewalk Prophet's newest single, 'I Believe It Now,' was written out of McDonald's sadness. 

"The song is largely based on the doubts, fear, and anger I was experiencing during our lengthy infertility struggles," says McDonald. "As I sat at my piano the words of lament poured from my heart. I don't know the reason why God answers some prayers, and not others but I have begun to learn to pay close attention because even when we don't see it or believe it, God is at work."

McDonald posted an alarming statistic on Facebook as well, stating 50 million couples around the globe have or are dealing with infertility. 

"On the other side of this great grief, is absolute elation. I often tell people I am glad that I am a Cubs fan because it has been a great practice in patience. 12 years trying for a baby, has to be the World Series drought equivalent of 108 years, am I right?"

McDonald and his wife Carie are expecting their first child in the spring of 2022. 

"We appreciate your prayers, as we continue the journey towards a healthy baby McDonald."