A generous donation means Siloam Mission will be offering even more jobs to those looking for a fresh start in life. 

On Friday morning, Siloam Mission unveiled a new delivery van for its social enterprise laundry program. This means giving jobs to even more people experiencing homelessness.

Dan and Josh Chisick of Industrial Metals were the generous donors of the new van to the Christian charity. 

"The addition of a delivery van is a huge step for our laundry business," says Siloam Mission CEO Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud in a news release. "It will allow us to attract new clients, offer better service, and most importantly, give more people an opportunity for meaningful work and stability as they journey out of homelessness."

Siloam's laundry program started back in 2019 before the pandemic. Officially called Siloam's Laundry Service, it started off with doing the mission's own laundry to taking on several contracts for commercial laundry, including doing laundry at cost for other shelters. 

However, without proper transportation, there were limitations on how much laundry they were able to service out. Now they can take on more and hire out more services to people looking for a fresh start at the same time.

"We saw that Siloam Mission was fundraising for a van, and knew it would be a meaningful way to help out this innovative program," says the Chisicks. "The social enterprise laundry is giving an opportunity to people who have lots to contribute, but have fewer chances at finding a good job."