Winnipeg commuters driving southbound on St. Mary's Road may want to find an alternate route Monday afternoon. 

Monday morning Winnipeg police were alerted to a sinkhole on southbound St. Mary's just past Fermor Avenue. Police stayed on the scene until roadblocks could be set up ensuring no vehicle fell into the hole. 

Another part of southbound St. Mary's Road will be reduced to one lane until April 23. From Glen Ave. to Nichol Ave. the curb lane, bike lane, and west sidewalk are closed for sewer work.

The extreme cold and blowing snow from blizzards that happened throughout Manitoba's 2021/2022 winter season have not only shut down the perimeter highway for many days but also have wreaked havoc on roads inside and outside of Winnipeg. 

This includes many potholes that drivers now are trying to avoid on their commute, as well as the sinkhole that happened on St. Mary's Road. 

Sinkhole on St. Mary's Road, Monday, April 11, 2022. Sinkhole on St. Mary's Road, Monday, April 11, 2022.