“It was all new for us – new country, we had come with no plans. We were like whatever life throws at us, we’re going to accept it and we’re going to move forward. And then everything shut down into panic mode.”

This is from Mrinmoy and Niby Moulick, the husband-and-wife team behind Cleaning Service 7.

The couple did not move here to start a cleaning business. Back in India, Niby had been a teacher, and Mrinmoy a real estate agent. They arrived in Canada in 2019, just before the pandemic struck.

“Everything closed. We were having odd jobs here and there. So that made us think as to what is the need over here. So we studied fumigation. We studied fogging and then we started giving out free fogging and fumigation services, and that was accepted widely. So we thought why not expand? Industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, slowly getting into residential cleaning as well. But our main criteria is actually commercial cleaning – making office life a little easier.”

Cleaning Service 7

For the first seven months, Mrinmoy was the only one attending calls, doing it all by himself, working 20-hour days.

“So many calls. It was overwhelming to see how people wanted our services. We did not know that it could reach this level. It was needed all over. We really had to work. We needed more people, bringing in new technology was very needed.”

Though their business started out in Southern Manitoba, today their staff has grown to 30, providing services all the way north to Churchill.

“You name it, we do all the things.”

Cleaning Service 7 services include general cleaning, fire restoration, water restoration, carpet cleaning, floors – stripping and waxing, all commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, window cleaning (even on buildings up to 4 storeys), wall cleaning, interior, exterior pressure washing, lawn maintenance. Move-in, move-out property cleaning, detailing, housekeeping, snow clearing, vehicle detailing… and more.

“Commercial kitchens – we’ll make sure that it’s sparkling clean. If it’s a tough job, we’ll still do it. We’ll give 100% to complete it.”

Cleaning Service 7 uses the latest equipment and technology, so they can deliver exactly what each client expects.

“If they are not satisfied with the products or the cleaning that we have done, we’ll get back to it to make sure the customer gets what they want. Our first goal is to make sure the customer is satisfied because that’s how we grew.” Their high standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction are evident through their Google Reviews.

“Our goal is to make sure our clients are happy and our workers are safe.”

Cleaning Service 7
Their concern for their employees extends beyond safety. Because they understand the experience of being a newcomer to Canada, they have been pleased to provide employment to others who may not know English just yet, noting they have welcomed newly arrived Ukrainians into their company as well.

“In cleaning, we don’t need the language, so we give many people a job so that they can survive. I like this work because I’m helping people. Really helping people. Not only the customer – my workers also. That’s something we are really proud of.”

“We are really proud that this place has accepted us and helped us to grow.”