From September 1 - 7, many Winnipeg restaurants create and serve a brand new burger to compete for the title of the best. 

Smitty's Restaurant has five locations in Winnipeg and each is serving its specialty burger for Le Burger week.

Waylon has been working at Smitty's for almost ten years and is now the Kitchen Manager at the Regent location. 

He says, "We're doing 'The Big Country Burger'. It's our six-ounce patty and has cheddar, bacon, ham, sausage, a hashbrown patty, an egg, and hollandaise sauce on it."

As it includes every meat served in a traditional breakfast as well as a burger patty, Waylon says, "I feel like it's a good meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner."

The restaurant will be serving it at all times throughout the day until September 7.

"The inspiration for the burger is that "Big Country" is a very popular item and I wanted something that was going to represent the company, something that everyone knew."

The burger is stacked with many toppings and sits at roughly half a foot in height. 

While it's only been served for two days so far, the manager says, "Everybody loves it already."

"Last year we did the "Queso Crunch Burger" and it was a small crispy quesadilla on a mozzarella burger, with queso sauce and crispy jalapenos."

Waylon says this year's burger is his favourite.