Community organizations are pleased to see lower speed limits on Marion and Goulet. 

 After campaigning for years, the St. Boniface community is happy to see the speed limits lower from 60 km/hour to 50 km/hour.

"People have been talking about this for a long time," the city councillor for St. Boniface Matt Allard says. "It has been a long time coming."

The City of Winnipeg appealed twice over several years to have the speed limits lowered but was denied. Previously, speed limits were determined by the Manitoba Highway Traffic Board. A recent change in law allowing municipalities to choose speed limits made it possible for St. Boniface to appeal for the third time, where they were granted approval.

Coun. Allard says Tache and Marion is one of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in the city, yet close to 10,000 people live within walking distance of Marion.

"The grand vision would be a more walkable street," he says.

Residents of St. Boniface hope the change in speed limit will make the streets accessible to pedestrians. The Norwood Grove Business Improvement Zone says the lower speed limit will allow businesses to expand and host summer patios.

St. Boniface has been seeing an increase in residential density and is anticipating more people to join the neighbourhood.