As a woman found herself unable to pay for groceries ahead of this week's storm she also found an angel in line beside her.

"There were huge line-ups, like the length of the store twice," says Bev Gerardy, a resident from Steinbach. "I do what I always do when I stand in line, I talk to people behind me, in front of me, whatever."

Gerardy went to Superstore in Steinbach on Monday evening to grab a few extra items. While she was in line, she noticed that in front of her was a senior woman and behind her was a younger man. 

"Everything was fine. I ran through my groceries at the till and he was behind me. I went to use my debit card and first time, fail. The second time, fail. A third time, fail."

Gerardy was about to mention how it was okay, she would leave without the groceries, but she didn't even get that far.

"Right away this young man, in his 20s, piped up and said, 'I'll take care of it.'"

Gerardy tried to say no and refuse the help. Her grocery bill came to $141. 

"I said, 'I'll write you a cheque,' and he said, 'No, I don't want your cheque.' Oh my goodness. So I'm packing my groceries and getting a little teary-eyed from the love this guy has for people."

As Gerardy was just about done packing up her groceries, she looked at the young man who was now talking to an older man behind him. She asked the clerk what they were doing and it turned out they were splitting the bill between the two. 

"I was so blown away. I've had a traumatic last four years and haven't been in the world much. Now it was one of the first times and when I encountered that, I was just blown away. A nice little angel there."

Gerardy says no matter what people look like, don't discount them. What she took away from the experience was that the young man's age didn't stop him from blessing her that day.