A firetruck was stolen causing a police chase and dangerous conditions for downtown pedestrians.

Winnipeg police say it appears a suspect who led officers on a wild chase after stealing a fire truck the afternoon of November 29, was attempting to hit pedestrians.

The city's fire chief says the truck was on a medical call when it was stolen and then started heading downtown -- hitting a vehicle and knocking down a hydro pole.

"Incredible that no one was hurt."

United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg president Alex Forrest, says that it is a serious incident when a fire truck is stolen because it can cause major damage all around due to the 48 thousand pound weight. He says, "they are very hard to drive, this was unique because he drove it 40-50 minutes. It's amazing that they were able to drive it for so long and more incredible that no one was hurt."

Police Constable Rob Carver says there are early indications the driver attempted to hit civilians after turning onto the grass at a downtown park but no one was injured.

The truck eventually came to a halt under a bridge near the downtown and the driver was arrested.