A teacher from Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute (MBCI) in Winnipeg is one of three teachers in the province being recognized for their dedication to students.

Brandon University announced their 2021 Distinguished Teaching Awards recipients last week, and MBCI's Kristin Harris was among the recipients. Harris is the Grade 7 homeroom teacher, where she teaches language arts, math, Biblical studies, science, social studies, and Middle School and High School German.

"I was pretty surprised, to say the least," says Harris on finding out about winning the award. "I didn't even know about this award. I'm actually a graduate of the University of Winnipeg."

Recipients are nominated for the award by their principals and student bodies. "When I found out that I was not only nominated but the recipient I felt honoured because I'm grateful to be recognized for all my hard work, and I thank God for every opportunity I have to impact the lives of my students."

It was the opportunity to work with and help young people that initially drew Harris to teaching.

"I started babysitting and working with children at a young age, and my love for kids just grew and grew to the point of deciding to become a teacher right after high school. I think it's a privilege to help shape the minds of the students that I get to teach every day."

After eight years of teaching her passion for her profession and students is only growing.

"I value building positive relationships with students and their families, and I'm inspired by my student's kindness and hard work. I really enjoy being involved in extra-curricular activities and seeing my students use their God-given gifts, talents, and skills outside the classroom."

Yuri Sudermann from Dufferin School in Winnipeg, and Penny Dixon from Hamiota Elementary School were the other recipients.