The Joshua Fund, an educational organization aimed at engaging Christians globally, is calling the pandemic a "wake up call"  for non-Christians.

The study, conducted with American participants, inquired about how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted faith.

McLaughlin & Associates, a polling company from the United States, surveyed one thousand people who were either Christians or non-Christians on the behalf of The Joshua Fund.

"We see repeated examples of God using diseases to accomplish His divine and sovereign purposes," The Joshua Fund says in their report.

Close to 44 per cent of non-Christians polled say that the pandemic is a “wake up call for us to turn back to faith in God" and/or a sign of coming judgement.

They found that non-Christian people age 30-40 were the most likely to say that the pandemic created Biblical interest in themselves. Thirty-six per cent of all non-Christians aged 30-40 said they that the pandemic created more interest for them in regards to Christianity and the Bible.

Notably, they found that married people were 10 per cent more likely to say the pandemic is “Wake up call to return to faith in God."

The survey also returned that 25.4 per cent of self-declared secularists also saw these events as a call to Christianity.

The Joshua Fund says God uses events such as pestilence and plagues to "warn and to shake people and nations to get their attention and draw them to a right and healthy and joyful relationship with Him."