Some Winnipeg cyclists got some added protection at Old Market Square this week.

As part of a study into adding protected bike lanes in the area, pylons were used for temporary protected lanes yesterday and Tuesday at Bannatyne and McDermot.

The city is studying upgrading the painted bike lanes on those streets to permanent protected lanes.

Tiffany Skomro, a project coordinator with public works at the City of Winnipeg, says there are three design options they're considering: 1) protected bike lanes on both Bannatyne and McDermot (which they demoed yesterday), 2) protected bike lanes, one each way, on Bannatyne (which was demoed Tuesday), and 3) a hybrid of the first two.

"We're looking at different considerations of traffic flow, in terms of how many cars go through vs. parking vs. bike needs. There's a whole bunch of different needs that need to be considered when you're looking at any type of option."

Skomro says they're taking feedback until the end of June. You can provide feedback through a survey online.