Tedashii is asking for prayers for a speedy recovery as he suffers from an injury to the head.

Earlier this week, the Christian hip hop artist was preparing to go on to the stage for The Unashamed Tour when he suddenly lost his bearings and fell headfirst into a metal pole, resulting in a concussion and several cuts to the injured areas.

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"As I was getting ready to go on stage for the group set, maneuvering in the dark, I had a terrifying accident as everyone else was coming on stage," Tedashii shared with New Release Today. "I fell into the metal pole that holds up the screen and the base of that pole that sits on the floor. I went headfirst into the metal piping causing a concussion and face-first into the base lacerating in two places."

Tedashii is grateful to his fans for all the support they show him with prayers of a quick recovery and the amazing feedback he has received for his new single, "Mirror Talk."

The single calls on its listeners for self-reflection and to be open to the transformative power of God.

The Christian rapper is still at home recovering from the concussion despite the tour having its last show on April 10th.