The Rock Lake Church Camp has been in operation since 1885 but youth campers will have to find another camp to enjoy this summer.

Trouble finding staff prompted the board to close down the weekly camps for 2023. The camp normally holds summer camps over an eight-to-10-week period.

Board Chair David Manning said it was a tough decision, but they had no other choice.

"We're closing it to youth campers because we could hire a coordinator so we're going to say no camp for the children which is still quite upsetting for me but if we can't get staff we're hooped."

The camp is still open for rental opportunities.

"We have expenses to cover such as insurance and taxes and the weekend rentals go a long way in helping us cover those costs."

Any registration payments already made will be refunded in full.

"Our board meets Sunday, and the future of the camp is definitely the number one item on the agenda," says Manning.

Other camps in the region, such as Camp Koinonia at Boissevain, have reached out to say they'd take on any campers that were planning to attend Rock Lake United Church Camp this summer.