Many people had to cancel their summer vacations and plans due to the pandemic this year, but going on a road trip is still an option.

When it comes to choosing a destination to drive to, it's important to take precautions and understand the guidelines for social distancing and COVID-19 in the area you are thinking about. 

"If you are planning a road trip, we do recommend that you plan ahead and be prepared to ensure safety, " says Christa Mariash, the Communications Consultant with CAA Manitoba. 

When it comes to places that people can drive to in Canada, people can drive through and to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the region of Ontario west of Terrace Bay.

Looking at a map to determine where you want to go.(Supplied)

"Whether you're going away for a day or an extended vacation, we recommend that you plan and prepare you and your vehicle ahead of time. Make sure you know your routes ahead of time and you're doing some checks around your vehicle."

There are still precautions to take as the virus is still active. 

"Planning is more important than ever. When you're looking for places to stay, you're going to want to search for hotels with free or flexible cancellation policies. We also recommend that you check local and provincial websites and public health updates."

Local news keeps up to date information on communities, COVID-19 updates, and what may be open or closed.

"We recommend that you pack face coverings, gloves, cleaning supplies, and also a thermometer," says Mariash.

"We also recommend that you pack a lot of extra snacks to reduce the need to stop at restaurants. If you do stop at restaurants or attractions, call ahead to make sure they are open."

Road trips can be fun for the whole family, even during a pandemic, with proper planning.

"This is a really good opportunity to teach your kids about road safety by involving them in the process."

Using a vehicle that is road ready is one of the top priorities in getting ready before you hit the road.

Mariash says, "Check your headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. Top up your fluids, check your tire pressure, clean your windshield inside and out, and replace worn wiper blades. Have a professional test your car battery and replace it if it's weak."

Once you've taken care of the essentials, don't forget to enjoy the ride!