Locals are gaggling at a local outdoor education centre, waiting to see thousands of geese settle in for the night.

As the sun starts to set on the edge of Winnipeg, as many as one hundred people gaggle, waiting for a magical sight. Carolyn Townend, the Communications and Brand manager for Fort Whyte, says from Wednesday to Sunday nights, people sit on lawn chairs, blankets, and hay bales, watching the birds fly home for the night during the Sunset Goose Flights.

"Every fall, we are seeing thousands of geese land on the lake at night," Townend says. "It really makes for this breathtaking sunset landing. You can see thousands of geese come in every night."

The geese use the sunset like a bedtime, tucking in for the night roughly 15 minutes before and half an hour after sunset begins. Townend says the number of geese varies each night, never knowing what they will see.

"It is always a different show every night."

The month-long sunset flights ends on October 24.Townend is encouraging people to learn more about the event and purchase the $5 tickets online before heading down.