Families in the Children's Hospital had a moment of excitement as some of their favourite characters and first responder heroes rappelled down the hospital walls.

On Thursday, October 27, Voyageur Technical, a Winnipeg-based company trained in access and rescue solutions and consulting, led the wonder-inducing event. Members of Voyageur Technical, the RCMP Emergency Response Team and the Winnipeg Police Service Tactical Support Team joined together to form the team of fliers that would greet kids through the windows.

The hospital staff say it's opportunities like this that make meaningful memories for the children and families in the hospital, especially during the holidays.

"We know celebrations, purposeful activity and a sense of belonging are an important part of a child’s well-being and recovery in hospital. We welcome innovative activities that bring safe, joyful, meaningful experiences to patients and their families," says Laura Ebenspanger, manager of Patient Care - Ambulatory Care at HSC Children’s Hospital. "What a wonderful way to have fun and celebrate Halloween!"

The group of fliers was excited to bring joy to the families in the hospital.

"As a local access and rescue company, we try to focus on projects with meaning to the community – like Suspended Superheroes. We’re very glad we were able to bring a joyful event to the hospital. Each smiling kid, parent and caregiver makes the event worthwhile," says Chris Toews, managing director of Voyageur Technical. "We’re extremely grateful to the Winnipeg Police Service, RCMP, HSC Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Foundation for their incredible support in making this happen."

someone rappelling down the hsc (children's hospital foundation/fb)

"There is nothing better than to see a smile on a child’s face, especially when we know the struggles that are being faced by the kids in the hospital," says Sergeant Geoff Corbett of the RCMP Emergency Response Team. "To be able to participate in an event solely dedicated to bringing some joy to those who are going through a difficult time is something we wouldn’t miss."

"The Winnipeg Police Service Tactical Support Team is thrilled to have been invited by Voyageur Technical to participate in Suspended Superheroes. Almost all of us have kids of our own, and have spent time in hospital ourselves," says Constable Jeff Driedger of the Winnipeg Police Service Tactical Support Team. "We can only imagine what being an inpatient as a child would be like.  Any event where we have an opportunity to interact with kids and brighten their day is as enjoyable for us as it is for them."

The Children's Hospital Foundation is thankful for the WPS, RCMP and Voyageur Technical for stepping up and finding a creative way to brig joy to families who are struggling right now.

"Being in hospital always presents challenges for kids, but during exciting events like Halloween it can be even more difficult," says Stefano Grande, president and CEO of Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. "We’re so grateful for community partners like Voyageur Technical, the RCMP and the Winnipeg Police Service for finding fun and creative ways to bring joy to children, their families, and the health care heroes who look after them."

Costumes worn by the Voyageur Technical members and the RCMP were generously provided by Heather's Pretty Parties.

man dressed as spiderman greets child at window (Children's hospital foundation/fb)