Evangelical Christians and those with post-secondary education are the most likely to believe they can accurately tell the Christmas story from memory.

A Christian resource company's research division, Lifeway Research, has released the results of a small survey for one question: How much of the Christmas story found in the Bible could you tell from memory?

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The survey found 31 per cent of people said they would tell the story, but some details might be missing or wrong, and 25 per cent of people said they could only give a quick overview.

"Christians who attend a worship service one to three times a month (24 per cent) and four or more times a month (45 per cent) are more likely to select 'I could tell it all accurately' than Christians who attend less than once a month (13 per cent)," the survey says.

Seventeen per cent of people could not tell any of it, and 22 per cent said they would tell the Christmas story accurately.

Out of the group of more than one thousand people, 91 per cent of them said they celebrated Christmas. People with a high school education or less are the most likely to agree that they celebrate Christmas (94 per cent) compared to those with some post-secondary education (88 per cent) or a degree (89 per cent).

Lifeway says they have a 95 per cent confidence rating in this survey.