Zoe Niklas discovered hope in the darkness of danger and isolation. She found out that freedom from abuse is possible.

Niklas spent most of her childhood living and dealing with panic, pain, fear, abandonment, psychological, sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her own mother and many stepfathers.

Zoe’s mother was a drug addict, an alcoholic and physically and verbally abusive to her daughter. Zoe was profoundly neglected during her childhood. She knew she had to come to terms with conflicting internal emotions and needed to somehow reconcile with her own mother and escape before her mother killed her.

Zoe decided to face her fears by using the pain she felt to motivate her to change. These survival techniques and tips were utilized so she could finally obtain freedom from all of her mother’s abuse. She learned to listen to her inner voice in her heart that urged her to take action to make changes in her life. Most importantly, she would select the path that would most improve the quality of her life. And then a remarkable family entered her life and they were as determined to help her escape from her mother as she was. They welcomed her into their home and gave Zoe the love and guidance she so desperately needed!

Zoe Niklas offers hope for individuals who have gone through a traumatic childhood. Every crisis presents an opportunity and there is always hope and opportunity for new beginnings.

It’s like driving in the dark and having the faith that as you journey forward, you’ll reach your destination one way or another. Recovery is indeed possible.

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