A 34-year-old man is in custody after a series of erratic behaviour, including stealing an ambulance from a hospital and threatening a homeowner with a neighbour's axe.

On Wednesday afternoon, an ambulance from Brandon was parking in the Health Sciences Centre's loading zone. As the paramedics were sitting in the vehicle, a man approached them, asking for help.

Next, the man climbed into the back of the ambulance, making his way to the driver's seat. The paramedics immediately exited the ambulance for their safety. Around 2 p.m. the Winnipeg Police Service was called.

Leaving the medical professionals behind, the suspect sped off in the ambulance, making his way into a 1500 block of Wall Street parking lot where he crashed into a parked vehicle.

Now fleeing on foot, the suspect made his way down the 1300 block of Downing Street, where more incidents occurred. The suspect began breaking windows, stealing a nearby axe out of a yard.

A homeowner confronted the man, but the suspect then swung the axe at him. The axe missed and the man fled.

Nearby officers noticed the armed suspect in a backyard. Officers then took the man into custody. There were no injuries.

The 34-year-old man is facing 10 charges including:

  • Theft of Motor Vehicle
  • Theft Under $5,000
  • Mischief Under $5,000 x 2
  • Identity Fraud
  • Fail to Comply with Condition of Release Order
  • Possession of a Weapon
  • Assault with a Weapon
  •  HTA driving offences x 2