Tauren Wells is releasing a new single that he says is more than just a song, "it's a movement."

The song is called 'All God's Children' and was released on December 31, 2020, at midnight.

"Over the course of the past several months, God has been opening my heart to ways I can lend my influences to causes that are greater and bigger than me," Wells says in a video posted to his Twitter account yesterday. 

Wells is partnering with the Tim Tebow Foundation for this song, and on his Instagram account he shares that all the proceeds will "go directly to the fight against human trafficking all over the world." 

The song idea started after a phone call between the two friends. 

"I'm not just trying to build a career, I'm trying to build people. I'm not just trying to build a platform, I'm trying to build the kingdom," says Wells on Twitter. 

Tebow, a former professional football quarterback, has been outspoken about his Christian faith for years. 

Tim Tebow.Tim Tebow. (Tim Tebow Foundation/Facebook)

"Has God ever opened your eyes to a problem, to a need, to injustice, to a hurting person? If so, He's probably telling you to get off your butt and do something about it," says Tebow in a video with Wells. 

There are 40 million people caught in different forms of human trafficking around the world.

"This is a song to end human trafficking," says Wells. 

The Tim Tebow Foundation was started in 2010 and its mission is to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

"Ultimately, this song is meant to illustrate an even greater truth – that every individual on this earth is created by God – in His image, perfectly loved, and worthy of freedom," says Tebow on the foundation's website. "Our goal is that every person who hears this song is first reminded of that truth, and then inspired to fight for others because of it."