An emotional drop-off Thursday morning surprised a local teacher with a much-needed coffee break.

Mary-Ann Mitchler teaches at Oakenwald School. A parent of one of her students, Melodie Michalchuk, nominated the teacher for her commitment to students.

"She has been the most supportive, kind-hearted and compassionate teacher to my daughter and to her students," Michalchuk writes in her nomination. "She has made my daughter feel so comfortable going to school and she has made the school year so incredibly fun."

The mother says that Mitchler consistently sends parents encouraging emails to remind them that she is there for families. Michalchuk says Mitchler is a blessing.

On Thursday morning, Mitchler was invited into the hall by her principal, where Mitchler learned that she won a coffee break with Brewed with Gratitude. Overwhelmed, Mitchler said she knew she was nominated but did not expect to win.

She says teaching has been difficult over the past year and is honoured that she is being recognized by a parent for her hard work. The teacher says that it was particularly special to win with CHVN, as she is a Christian herself.