Teens from across Manitoba have descended on Winnipeg in droves, and they're here to make a difference.

The annual SOAR Heartland event is now past the halfway mark. Each year teens and multi-generational teams from across the prairies come to Winnipeg to participate in ten days of discipleship and mission. Put on by M. B. Mission, the event partners with local churches and organizations.

On Wednesday teens, youth workers, and others put on a carnival at William Whyte School in the North End. Over 1,000 kids showed up to take part in the fun-filled day.

For youth workers, the carnival is a special sight. "You see teens putting a lot of energy and joy into these kind of events, and it's all worth it," said Janelle Hume, the  SOAR Heartland Coordinator.

Events like the carnival have a lasting impact too for the young people participating on both sides. Rick Friesen, a youth pastor from Winkler, MB says that "a lot of the students who grew up going to these places, they end up volunteering and possibly even working at some of these organizations years down the line."

SOAR wraps up on Saturday, April 1.