Lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, Mike Donahey, is the only one who will continue on with a music career, starting in 2021.

"I wanted to give you a little update on the status of Tenth Ave," says Donahey in a recent Instagram live video also posted to Facebook.

"I want to get into the nitty-gritty of why we are 'breaking up' per se. There's been no hard feelings with the band members."

Tenth Avenue North has put out well-known songs like "Greater than all my regrets", "Control", and "I have this hope".

The 'break up' has been happening over a period of years already. 

"A couple years ago our drummer Jason quit just to get off the road," says Donahey. The drummer wanted to focus on family life as his daughter was entering middle school.

Next their piano player left to start a family. Finally, the bass player announced a new career as a realtor, right before their spring tour.

"We were planning on taking a break from touring to be home more," says Donahey, before it turned into the band dissolving.

This leaves only Donahey by himself, a solo act. 

Donahey says, "The good news is I'm going to keep putting out music!"

The lead singer has already written roughly thirty songs during the pandemic already.

Donahey and his wife, along with one of their daughters contracted and recovered from the coronavirus just this past month. 

The band will be performing a farewell tour before fully dissapating, sometime in 2021. They will be posting details once dates come in to place, as nothing is finalized due to the pandemic.