Brandon Heath's eighth album, That's Enough would not have come to fruition were not for a song that he had just written at the time, here's the story about how it happened.

Heath was ready to call it quits in 2019 when he was about to wrap up his music career. The last thing he had to do was an event with KLJY 99.1 FM in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

During a performance that was broadcasted live, the American singer spontaneously decided to perform his newly written song, "That's Enough," which was planned to be pitched to another artist for them to sing.

The day after the live event, the station played the song once more which resulted in a flood of phone calls which urged one of the on-air hosts to contact the singer to tell him that he needs to be the one to sing the song.

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It was this performance and the incredible impact of the song that served as the impetus for Heath to make new music again. He signed another record deal with Centricity Music and began writing songs that would make up his album, Enough Already.

The collection of songs in the album serves as a reminder that everyone is loved by God, and that is enough.

"By now most of us have probably seen the meme conveying that 'Adulthood is saying, 'After this week, things will slow down a bit' over and over until you die','" muses Kris Love, Centricity Music’s Sr. Director of National Promotion. "Every day, there’s a car breaking down, a kid with a project due, bills to pay, a house thing to fix, a doctor’s appointment to schedule, meals to make, laundry to fold. It just feels like so much weight to carry. 'That’s Enough' is a song that gives the listener a moment to catch their breath; to rest in the fact that they are loved by God."

After this spark of inspiration to continue his music career, Heath has co-written many songs with other artists and he will be performing at the JOY FM Sofa Concert Series in February.